Jefferson Collage in workroom
View ofMonument at reception
Capitol arches in lobby
Lincoln in hallway
Vintage Jefferson in lobby
Lincoln in workroom
Monument in lobby
Super hero collage behind reception
Capitol in lobby
Jefefrson at end of hall

Is an Art Movement & Resource for the real estate and hospitality community!  We create unique site-specific art by photographing iconic architectural landmarks & locations that celebrate a city's local culture.  Pop-Cities understands that first impressions are an important part of human interaction in a commercial office environment.  Our goal is to help our clients enhance the aesthetics of their spaces using cutting-edge art to attract premium tenants and guests.




The Site Visit
• Identify priority walls + scale of art
• Determine subject matter + graphic style
• Review substrates + finishes
• Outline budget options



Custom Shoot
Choose a specific location to photograph
Select from our extensive image gallery

Art Creation
Pop-Cities will transform your custom portfolio of images using our signature graphic techniques. 


Art Selection
Pop-Cities will help you choose & finalize your image + substrate selection for production on: aluminum, acrylic, canvas, paper, fabric, window clings + murals.


Pop-Cities team of art handlers will provide framing + installation services.



About Us

Pop-Cities is a creative collaboration between Julie Ratner of Artworx Consultants + Photographer, Golie Miamee.
Together, we offer a broad array of creative art sourcing + consulting services and manage projects from inception to installation.  Our artistic + curatorial talent combined, allow Pop-Cities to provide exceptional service to our clients. Contact us to create your custom image!





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